Installment Loan

Installment loans ranking

Frovident is a leader in installment loans ranking

Frovident is a leader in installment loans ranking

Frovident wins installment loans ranking. The victory was certainly influenced by the “Great Frovident Lottery”. The fun is addressed to all customers who are currently paying back the loan. You can win five passenger cars or 500 times PLN 1,000.

The client can borrow from 300 to 15,000 PLN. Importantly, if the borrower repays the debt within 30 days, he repays as much as he borrowed. The loan period is from 3 to 36 months. Importantly, it is possible to postpone the repayment date.

It is worth noting that Frovident also provides loans for business activities. An entrepreneur can borrow up to PLN 15,000. A list of these types of products can be found in the corporate loans ranking.

Second place – Zupergorz and Ofine

Second place - Zupergorz and Ofine

Like last month, the second place belongs to Zupergorz. The company provides long-term loans online – from 1000 to 15000 PLN. The loan period is from 4 to 48 months. Customers praise the company for its quick verification process. What’s more, you don’t need a bank account to use the offer. Therefore, the money can be collected at the post office via the giro check.

Third place – Ofine. The institution has grown by two positions relative to May. Interestingly, the client chooses himself on what day he wants to pay the loan installment. The loan amounts range from 1000 to 10,000 PLN. Time to settle the commitment is from one month to 24. The entire application process takes place online.

Further places in the ranking

Further places in the ranking

Money Man was right behind the podium. The customer who borrows for the first time gives back as much as he borrowed (up to 1500 under the start loan) in one or two installments. The company has an interesting loyalty program, i.e. regular customers have access to higher amounts. The maximum loan amount is PLN 7,500.

Fifth place belongs to Rattum Money. Interestingly, the institution provides both payday loans and installment loans. In connection with the above – the company also appears in the ranking of payday loans. Under the installment loan, the customer can borrow between PLN 1,500 and 10,000. Loan period – up to 12 months.

The Thirteen Card is in sixth place. The company grants loans with a renewable limit. How it’s working? The customer receives a special card that works on similar principles as a credit card. Importantly, the borrower using the card can make payment transactions. Within the limit, you can use from 200 to 4000 PLN. The debt must be repaid within 1 to 270 days.

Loan without databases – which debtors’ bases are used by the lender?

Loan without databases - which debtors

It is worth knowing that banks have a statutory obligation to verify KIB scores. Loan companies do this voluntarily. BUT – you should be aware that most non-bank institutions use KIB resources anyway. Moreover, if a given lender does not cooperate with the Credit Information Bureau, it certainly checks potential clients.How can I find out if an institution provides loans without a base? Just read the loan agreement carefully or click the link above.

“Lending companies verify the creditworthiness of a potential customer. However, unlike banks, lenders look more generously at so-called KIB score. For non-bank institutions, the most important criterion is the ability to settle the debt, not the repayment history of previous loans or borrowings.