Borrow money

Borrowing cheap money

Looking for a cheap loan? First, consider what is most important to you: low interest rates or low monthly costs. You can also borrow money cheaply online, not through your current bank. The interest rates of the banks are quickly half as high as if you take out a loan online.

It is therefore worthwhile if you compare the providers well. There are many providers on the market and most offer loans from 4-5 percent interest. Via banks such as OUT, DHY and DUOBank, the interest is quickly 8 or even 9 percent. You can request a loan from us directly and without obligation through online providers to compare your costs.

Cheap Lending Money with Low Interest

Cheap Lending Money with Low Interest

There are different types of loans available, roughly the Continuous Credit and the Personal Loan. The interest on the revolving credit is usually lower than the interest on a personal loan. But make no mistake: the interest on the revolving credit is flexible and can therefore rise after you take out the loan. The interest on the personal loan is fixed and is therefore often higher. 

Do you want to borrow money cheaply and do you want security? Then make sure you take out a personal loan with the lowest interest rate. Then you run the least risk.

Short or long repayment periods

Short or long repayment periods

The interest rate of your loan also depends on the time you choose to repay the loan. If you opt for a long repayment period, the interest will be lower. If you want to repay the loan quickly, the interest will be higher. You will see this difference quickly if you compare the loans.

However, do not be surprised. Because there are also different quotes for a revolving credit with different repayment terms, while you do not even have to repay a revolving credit.

You only have to repay a certain agreed amount each month, but with a revolving credit you can always continue to borrow. The latter of course comes with a very high risk: that at a certain point in time the interest rate may rise and you can no longer pay back the loan.

If you still need to borrow, go to a bank for a normal personal loan and conclude a contract for the lowest possible loan amount (principal), with the shortest possible term and the lowest possible interest ( source ).